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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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(CFDA No. 84.132)


Legislation: Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VII, Part B, Section 711
(P.L. 93-112), as amended by P.L. 98-211 (Expires September 30, 1986).

FundingSince 1980:

Fiscal  Year                      Authorization                       Appropriation

1980                 $ 150,000,000 I/        $ 15,000,000

1981                   200,000,000 I/                            18,000,000

1982                    19,400,000 ?/                            17,280,000

1983                    19,400,00027                            19,400,000

1984                    21,000,0002/                            19,400,000

Purpose: To provide independent living services to severely handicapped
individuals to assist them to function more independently in family and
community settings or secure and maintain appropriate employment.

Eligibility: The principal eligible applicant is the State vocational
rehabilitation agency; however, if a State agency fails to apply for a
grant within six months after grants are available, then any local public
or private nonprofit agency within the State may apply directly.

The Rehabilitation Amendments of 1984 (P.L. 98-221) mandate that cur-
rent grantees be funded through September 30, 1986.


A.  Goals and Objectives

During FY 1984, the Department's principal objectives with respect to this
program were:

o To provide discretionary grants to establish and operate Centers for
Independent Living  facilities offering a combination of rehabilita-
tion services in order that the severely handicapped may live more
independently in family or community settings or may be better able
to secure and maintain employment.

o To promote substantial involvement of handicapped persons in policy
direction and management of established Centers, and to promote
employment of handicapped persons in the Centers.

B. Progres sand Accomp11shments

o The Rehabilitation Amendments of 1984 (P.L. 98-211) mandate that cur-
rent grantees be funded through September 30, 1986.984 funds.02) 732-1345